Holy hell how many times am I gonna come back and post saying I'm gonna start journaling again? Meh.

Weight is 279. Next meet is May 3rd, committed and finally getting back on the platform. I'm planning on being 242, shooting for a 320 bench and 600 deadlift. Got work to do, but been lifting heavy for the past few months and feeling good. So far, so good. I've been writing all of my workouts down instead of logging them here, but missed the atmosphere and the group of guys so figured I'd strike it up and see if I couldn't get back in the groove of online journaling. We shall see.

Tonight is just some light accessory stuff. Since the drop in weight, squat has taken the biggest hit, I just don't feel like I can find the groove, I feel odd and off at all times during the lift. I tried opening up my stance more last night and felt I made some progress at getting back. I dropped the weight drastically and will keep it there until I'm really comfortable with the wider stance and ability to get comfortable under the weight.
sets x reps
5 x 2 @ 330
3 sec paused 3 x 2 @ 235
GM's 3 x 10 @ 225
Hyperextensions 45 plate x 2 x 10
BB Rows 3 x 6 @ 185
Lat Pulls 3 x 12 @ 200