Had a quick but good deadlift session tonight on no sleep.

245 x 3
335 x 2
390 x 5
450 x 3
500 x 1 No belt
500 x 2 with belt

Reverse Band DL
605 x 1
605 x 1
605 x 1
15 seconds in between reps

DL against pins
225 x 5 with 5 second hold

Good Mornings
135 x 10

bar x 20

Spent time going over a few things with my oldest son. He's never squatted, so we're working on back tightness and elbows under the bar. He's been doing really good on dead lifts so I'm excited to see his motivation and drive with squats.

No sleep today was caused by some sickness going around. I think it's just a head cold, but...it sucks the life outta me. Plus I was able to pick up a new gun, which always makes me happy. Picked up a Glock 30S, new slime slide .45 for concealed carry. Really like it, surprisingly light recoil and really comfortable to carry.