Last week in Lones' log, we decided to get a little Zercher off pins competition going, simply because it was something different that we all don't normally do.

The rules were

- no gear besides a belt
- must be at parallel or darn close to it
- winner was most weight lifted - no weight classes

it was pretty much open to whomever wanted in. Video wasn't required, but was appreciated.



Chris Rodgers

Travis Bell

Other people who entered were Risk10K who worked up to 315, and I know BrianC and Sidior said they were going to work on something today so they may post their results sometime.

Lones and I are going to come up with the next competition and we'll post it here in the PL section, but I can promise it won't have a thing to do with Zerchers because I am beat to crap today from that stuff.