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Thread: Keeping the weight on is difficult! Lost all my gains :( Muscle memory?

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    Keeping the weight on is difficult! Lost all my gains :( Muscle memory?

    Ok during the summer I went on a bulk and went from 145lbs-165lbs.

    It was great, went from benching 135 to 185 for reps,
    squating 225,
    deadlifting 265.

    Then school starting and I wasn't able to eat as much and got sick. Basically stopped working out for a solid 3 months. Then slowly started up again but I was actually WEAKER then when I started my bulk.

    My question is, seeing as I already was at 165lbs, but not for very you think the muscle memory thing will take affect for me? It took me 4 months to get from 145-165, if I take up my old eating habits, will it take me ANOTHER 4 months? Or should I be able to climb up pretty fast...

    Thanks guys.

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    4 months is nothing. How can we really tell, but honestly take what you learned and apply it again, and try to learn some more. When you get to where you were, don't stop, and keep working at it.

    Edit: now if you want some one to speculate, what did you weigh now is it the same as before? good chance if you didn't lose all the weight, you can make some quick progress just after a couple gym sessions and training the CNS. And even if you did, you still should have an easier time getting it back dependent on a few factors.
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    Be the guinea pig and get back to us? That's a good question and i'd like to know too.
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    First it seems you are mixing two different things into one question.

    Muscle memory: You should get the strength back pretty quickly when you begin to eat and train correctly and consistently again.

    Weight Loss: You have lost fat and muscle most likely and this is a reverse order item. You will once again need to eat enough to gain weight and that amounts to 3500 calories per pound and has nothing to do with muscle memory.

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