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Thread: Wooden PROWLER

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    Wooden PROWLER

    Anyone on this board ever make their own prowler? I was reading on another board where a guy is making his own prowler, but out of 6x6 wooden posts. Looks pretty slick so far. I just wonder how it works. I don't know if I'd get in trouble for posting a link. If so, please remove. Down towards bottom of page
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    Check the athletics forum

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    honestly that might be worth dropping the $80 on a cheapo harbor freight flux-core wire Mig welder........ the learning curve with Mig is really short too.......

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    damn i want one of those , where could i find one?
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    Yeah, check the GPP/Sports forum here.

    I built one out of wood a couple years ago.

    There are pics in the thread.
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