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Thread: Shoulder Impingement

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    Shoulder Impingement

    I've heard this from alot of dudes in the past, but recently have been experiencing it myself. It's only with pressing movements, military's, bench press, etc. That i get this tight pain between my front and anterior delt. The pain usually starts on the way down. What are some remedies for this, cause I know it's not an injury, but i don't want it to evolve into one. I've been on a 2 month layoff from training and was just warming up with the bar itself lol, and felt a tight little pain, so it's not that i'm lifting heavy. Any suggestions ?

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    Probably hurts all the time now due to bad form when pressing--and by press I mean 'militaries'.

    First fix your form, then focus on recovery through standard methods.

    How do you fix your form? Well, I could discuss how poor pressing leads to shoulder impingement, and how we avoid it, but it would basically just be a summary of this article. Read it.

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    Had an impingement myself, didn't start getting better until I started doing RTC exercises and going to therapy, then it healed up decently and as I started benching I realized I really had to keep my elbows tucked and scapula pulled back to keep strain off it, then other shoulder started having problems, different kind but now it is more due to flexibility, and I'm working on that.

    Try internal external rotation exercises with cables or dumbells, with elbow at your side and at 90 degrees from your body, then there are ball tosses and lots of other band exercises too.

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    Form is everything on all exercises. Both of my shoulders are weak from various reasons, but when pressing with poor form, it was worse. After reading up on proper form and checking my ego at the door, I'm progressing fine without any pain.
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    I had to learn to "avoid" this pain as well. I saw an orthopedic surgeon who helped me figure out that most of it was bicep tendonitis, then I developed weak rotator cuffs. Learning to tuck more, performing external rotations and discontinuing "military pressing" fixed it. (I miss Military Pressing). Shrugs, Arnold presses and front, side, and rear laterals keep the shoulders covered.

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    95% of my shoulder impingement went away with a cortisone shot. Which was awesome. It was better in two hours. But then I didn't stretch or do the therapy and now its coming back. I'm working on it now. But flexibility, form, and proportionate strength are important in the shoulders.

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