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Thread: To squat/dl or not to squat/dl

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    To squat/dl or not to squat/dl

    About a week ago I was doing heavy DLs (doing SS currently) and around my third rep, I tried to check the mirror to check my form (yes, I know this was a rookie dumbass move but I'm always a bit paranoid about it on deads) and in doing so, threw my form way off. I ended up rounding a bit and my back popped, so I stopped the deads, finished up with some dips, and limped home.

    I ended up taking a few days off and when I went for workout B I did face pulls and chins instead of cleans since my back still hurt but I still did my squats and even went up another 10 lbs from the last workout. Apparently that didn't hurt me TOO much since the next day it still hurt but not more than previously. So here I am, a little over a week after the first incident and my back still hurts quite a bit (to the right of the tailbone, pretty bad) and I'm wondering, should I just rest a few days? Should I go in and work light? Or should I just focus on upper body for a few days (dips, pullups, shoulder work, etc. not sure whether to bench due to the arch)? Or, should I just man up and get in there?

    I don't like missing workouts, it makes me feel like lazy garbage but I also know that aggrevating an injury like this (even one this seemingly minor) could spell disaster. Thoughts?

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    If you aggravate it, you will be out longer. Also, if you do dl, you probably won't go heavy.

    Rest and heal until you can do a proper dl workout safely.

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    Heal up first...the iron will wait for you.

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    So how would you go about treating it? Heating pad? Cold compress? Icy hot? Hot and cold alternating? I'm pretty well versed in certain areas but thanks to this and a previous issue (rotator cuff strain about 5 months ago) I've realized I really need to start researching sports related injuries.

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    Hey man, exactly what happened to me in my back two weeks ago. My back popped while doing T-Rows (heavy) and lost the stupid form and popped went my back. I am feeling almost 90%. My Dr. recommended no lifting until the healing is complete. No Squatting, much less heavy deadlifting!! Do the foam rolling think, it helps a lot. Get gentle massages from a Chiropractor. Seek help man, the back is not something you should be stubborn about. I am not going heavy at all with my back exercises because it still hurts, same right side, just above the R. gluteus maximus. Just rest it, it will get better.

    Me and you are on the exact same boat man, so let's not do heavy stuff, we could really get injured for life.

    Just my opinion.
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    Visit a chiro and a couple of weeks, you'll be good to go. You just learned how important correct for is.
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