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Thread: 5/3/1 question

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    5/3/1 question

    im about to change my program to a 5/3/1 program after doing some research and reading a little by Wendler on the topic

    my question is, do more people here do 5/3/1 three times a week or four? I am currently on a four a week program, but because my job is crazy, i dont have four 'set' days...but it works out to 4 a week 99% of the time

    i really like the idea of only training 3 times a week, but since i am able to do four, would this be the best way to go? a 'cycle' would only be 4 weeks then instead of 5, am i right?

    what does the 5/3/1 ers on this site do normally?

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    i am 4 days

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    You can do it 3 or 4 days per week. You just rotate SQ, BP, DL, and military press each workout. If you get all four in one week, great, but if you only get SQ, BP, and DL, just pick up with military press on your first training day the next week and continue on.

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    I really think it's what fits in best with your schedule, and how your recovery is between sessions. Hell, Jim is doing 2x a week and still making progress.
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    I've done the program and I think 3 days will work better for most than 4. Wendler himself has said he's made better progress on the 3 day than the 4 and is making good gains on even 2 days a week currently. The 4 day is a lot of volume. Deadlifting that often on top of squatting just takes a toll. I'd say try the 3 day and see how it goes. We all love training, but having that extra day to get things done in your life makes a lot of difference. Good luck either way you go!

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