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    What is a good setup or whatever for HIIT? Im wanting to keep the bodyfat at the minimum and keep the muscle gains at the maximum while on SS. Would a cycle of a 5 min warmup, 30 second sprint, 90 second walk, work? How many times should I cycle through the sprint and walk?
    age: 21

    height: 6'3

    weight: 175

    short term goal: 200

    Long term goal: Lean 225

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    have you read the how to do cardio if you must article, that has some good information on HIIT.
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    Its generally a 1:2 ratio. 30 sec sprint and 60 sec recovery OR 20 sec sprint 40 sec recovery. 8-12 reps

    Follow that with 15-20 min SS cardio.
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