So I'm not complaining here I just wanna know if this feeling is reproducible. I took 4 caps of ETS and 4 caps of microlactin which works out to a total of 6g of microlactin plus the rest of the stuff in ets and I have this amazing sense of euphoria. For some reason I am at peace and happy and relaxed and it seems like I could just brush off anything that tried to ruin my night, or just go to sleep and have an incredible night's sleep. Its almost like how you feel when you get a buzz after 1 or 2 beers. I haven't had a drink since 2007 and haven't drank regularly since 2005 so I know im not drunk. Any input in appreciated.

I was just thinking this might be the feeling people get when they have the good nights sleep with ETS. I always had weird dreams but my quality of sleep was never improved.