Well yesterday was as close to death as I want to get for the next 50-60 years.I was riding home on my bike from the gym yesterday and was waiting at the cross walk till it was safe to cross.Well then came the red light,so I crossed the street. Someone honked & waved at me so I waved back,then I decided to turn back to see who it was waving at me(I assumed it was someone I went to high school with)No sooner after I turned back a car came speeding through the red light right where I would've been if I continued to cross.So literally I almost died or at the least I would've suffered some very serious bodily injuries.
After this experience I'm not going to stress myself out over my unemployment problem,stuff like that doesn't seem as important after an experience like this. Just goes to show you that life is short and that you should grab "Every Piece of Happiness You Can"