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Thread: Slashkills Quest for Dominance

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    Slashkills Quest for Dominance

    Hey guys, im ryan. My routine is a little bit of everything but i think it will work well for my goals of becomming a powerlifter and a fighter. Ive been weightlifting since January 09 and training mma since august of 09.

    mon: Matt rhodes for squat/deadlift
    tue: mma/conditioning
    wed: ME Bench
    thur: mma/conditioning
    fri: mma/conditioning
    sat: Plyos or DE work possibly mma some times
    sun: off

    current PRs

    squat: 245
    bench: 210
    deadlift: 305 all time and 285 max recently
    OH press: 95lbs

    for 531 cycle
    bench 190
    OH Press 80

    other stats
    height: 5'8"
    weight: 152lbs

    Goals by jan 1, 2010
    bench: 235lbs
    squat: 265lbs
    deadlift: 350lbs
    military press: 135lbs
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