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Not sure how I missed that huge dead PR, but that's awesome! You've now my passed my best single. Good call on working your conventional pulls to bring up your sumo pull. It should pay off big time. Good work with the floor presses and conventional pulls too.
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Awesome PR for sure Slash, very nicely done. Solid looking session today as well. Also smart plan you have, working conventional will definitely help your sumo. If my conventional goes up, I can always count on the same for my sumo. Great work!
Thanks for the props guys! Im really trying to up my dead right now. Ive never been so excited about pulling. Its really just because i finally realised that i need a strong dead if i have a shot at the 1000lb club this yr in school. Id be the lightest and youngest to do it in my school. I need to start working my squat again too. Ive really slacked with my squatting.