Hi Guys

I have posted my diet up under the bodybuilding pages because it was in reply to the thread i started about my routine, but i haven't got a response back so just thought i'd pop it in here and see if i can grab any advice. This the link to the thread i started - wannabebig.com/forums/showthread.php?t=129105

I have had a play around with my diet and the below is what I have put down roughly on paper as what I will be eating whilst on my bulk. Any advice re my diet and supplementation would be great.

I won't be jumping right into this diet, I will slowly week by week be adding calories to reach these sorts of numbers, around 150-200 caloreis a week, but this is roughly what it will end up like, I will start off with smaller portions and then make them bigger as my bulking phase goes on as well things like the protein shake in the morning will not contain oats for the first month or two, but I will add oats in to bulk the calories up after a certain period. For bulking I sit 2800-3200 calories, but I will monitor this and if I have am stalling on lifts/weight gain I will increase my calories slightly.

Breakfast 8am
Porridge with Strawberries & Kiwi
Protein shake with oats
Snack 10.30am
1/2 Chicken breast fillet
Lunch 12.30pm
Chicken Sandwich (3 bits of wholemeal bread)
Snack 3pm
Chicken Sandwich (1 bit of wholemeal bread)
A Cup of Seeds & Almonds
Snack 5pm
Protein Bar
1 chicken wholemeal roll
Training 7pm-8pm
Protein Shake (Whey + Dextrose 2:1 ratio of dextrose to protein)
Dinner 8.30pm
Dinner (e.g. Chicken with brown rice and vegetables / Salmon with potato & spinich)
Snack 10.30pm
Casein protein shake

Calories - 2800-3200
Protein - 220g
Carbs - 250g


AST 32 x Multi Vitamin
MyProtein Whey Protein
MyProtein Casein Protein