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Thread: Sale on Results

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    Sale on Results

    Check this out
    If you have not tried Results, you should do so now. If you have, you should jump on an extra jug for this price. Take advantage of this situation while you can. I posted this here because I really believe in the product. They support us here on WBB, we should support them.
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    From personal experience I can tell you that RESULTS is nothing like those stuff you have tried before. This stuff is for REAL. I added 20 lbs to my bech after using RESULTS and looking at my form. You WILL be setting PR's. It's amazing how much strength you get from this product. Try it! You have nothing to lose, seriously.

    I am no way affiliated with profits from this products. This is pure personal experience.


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    I just ordered a tub of cherry. I'll give it a try. Besides, at half off, what do I have to lose? Great deal guys!

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    I usually throw in a scoop of Vanilla Nitrean in with mine. Makes for a wonderful taste

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    Link no work

    How long is the sale?

    Never mind, got off my lazy ass and check it out:
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    I believe the sale will be running until some time next week.

    It is a great time to try out the product if you have not used it yet, Results has been my favorite strength supplement for over a year now.
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    does results require being cycled on and off of it? Also is it pre or post workout to take it?

    And of course out of pessimism... ANY negative side effects, short/long term?
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    I just took advantage of this offer. Can't wait to try it out. I am sure it will be as good as the other At-Large products.

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