Hi guys well this is my first post here so I will ask the question thats been bugging me out the most. I have searched through the forum but haven't been able to find any detailed or similar post if there are any I apologise and please point them out to me.

I have been lifting weights for about a year now and have been able to increase the amount I lift every week on every muscle except my shoulders.

For squats I have reached 160lbs
Bench press 100lbs
Deadlifts 200lbs

But shoulders I cant seem to do more than 60lbs for barbell military or shoulder press

Front shoulders raise maybe 28lbs on each dumbell and lateral raise just 20lbs on each dumbell.

When I add any weight above this i just can't lift it. Even when I do pushups the first thing that starts to give way and get tired is my shoulders they just get weak very easily.

Even my arms biceps arent that great, triceps ok but biceps can only lift probably 32lbs dumbells on each arm.

If you need to know any more to help me out please ask.

Thanks in advance