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Thread: At a crossroad... need some advice.

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    At a crossroad... need some advice.

    Hey all.

    I started lifting seriously about 4 months ago. I have been doing a Starting Strength style A/B Split with compound movements- and made some great gains. Better than I could have ever thought.

    Beginning Stats- (Current Stats)
    BP- 115x1 (170x1)
    SQ- 115x1 (255x1)
    DL- 200x1 (325x1)
    OHP- 45x5 (97.5x5)
    Hang Clean- 75x3 (160x3)

    Weight: 155lbs (178lbs)

    I'm 18 years old, and my diet is good (4,500+ Cals a day). My goal is to continue adding strength and size.

    This week I feel like I've hit a wall. Tried squatting today and the weight felt crushing compared to last time. OHP I lost a rep too. Got frusterated and left. So far I have deloaded twice from this routine. I did have a stressful weekend, so it could have just been an off day. But I feel like I might need to change up my routine. I just don't feel like I can add weight to the bar EVERY time anymore.

    So my question is- am I considered an Intermediate Lifter? My lifts and muscle mass (added 5" to my chest) have increased significantly. Would I benefit more by switching to a more intermediate style routine or stick with the SS style program?

    I am considering doing the following:

    A.) Switch to a new routine (see below)
    B.) Deload and continue with present routine
    C.) Texas Method

    Texas Method- Not sure. I don't like the idea of squating 3x per week, but considering it.

    The routine I came up with is this:

    Bench Press 3x5
    Hang Clean 3x3
    Bent Row 3x8
    Weighted Dips 3x8

    Squat 3x5 (Heavy)
    Deadlift Variation 3x5 (Medium)
    Weighted Pullups 3x8

    Bench Press 3x5
    OHP 3x5
    Bent Row 3x8

    Deadlift 1x5(Heavy)
    Squat Variation 3x5 (Medium)
    Weighted Pullups 3x8

    Any thoughts? I know the routine I made up is kinda high volume. So far I have responded well to the higher volume, but don't want to risk overtraining.

    Thanks in advance!
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    The exercise choices look fine. What is your plan for progression in the main lifts? If you're not trying to add weight to the bar each workout, when do you add weight? I think the plan you have can work, but set something up where you have some sort of plan for progession.
    If the plan stalls, drop some of the volume and see if that works. Remember that as you get stronger, it's tough to handle as much volume on the big lifts as a beginner can.

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    We have been lifting the same amount of time(I started june 1st) btw, which is cool. I also began with SS. We have made similar gains and my linear gains stopped recently also(2 deloads).

    First off, you may want to just take a week off. A week of rest(some active recovery is fine) will do wonders sometimes.

    If your still not making linear progression with SS, Texas Method would be the next logical step.

    What I did was take SS and add variations to the movements, as well as add in a bit more accessory work. I have been doing the following routine for the last month and actually was going up faster in weight than I was in the first 3 months of SS.

    (Basically pick 1 of the following exercises for each movement, I change it up pretty much every workout.)

    "A" day

    Squat/Box Squat/Front Squat/Zercher - 3x5

    Bench: Flat/Incline/Decline/Barbell or Dumbbell or Weighted Dips - 3x5

    Deadlifts/Good Mornings/Rack Pulls/Pullthroughs - 3x5

    Close Grip Bench/Floor Press/Skullcrushers/JM press/Pushdowns - 3x8

    Curl Up 3xnear fail(add weight if more than 10)


    "B" Day

    Squat/Box Squat/Front Squat/Zercher - 3x5

    Standing Overhead Barbell/Dumbbell Press - 3x5

    Barbell/Seated Cable/Tbar/Dumbbell Rows or Powercleans 3x5

    Pull Up 3xnear fail(add weight if more than 10)

    Decline Weighted Situps & Leg Lifts - 2x10 each

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