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Thread: Routines that you've made the biggest gains on

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    Quote Originally Posted by str8flexed View Post
    well i did your typical 1 bodypart per day BS and that got me to a decent physique. But the biggest change I ever saw was going to working everything 2x/week. When I first started it the bare bones of it was:

    day 1: lower power
    day 2: upper power
    days 3&4: rest
    day 5: lower hypertrophy
    day 6: upper hypertrophy
    day 7: rest

    the first 2 days I'd pick an exercise for each major muscle group and do 3X3 on it. So for example

    legs I would do squats 3x3, stiff legged deadlifts 3x3, then I would do leg extension & leg curl like 3 sets of 8 each and do some calf work (5-6 sets)

    For upper body I did the same thing except with dumbbell presses and rows. Then I'd do some laterals, curls, and pressdowns for like 3-5 sets of 8-10

    For the hypertrophy day, I'd still do my 'power' exercises but it would be like 3 sets of 10 with only like 60% of my normal 10 rep max. Something not very taxing but still allowed me some stimulation and to learn the movement better.

    Then I would do the rest of the workout with more reps, less workout and about 50-75% more volume than on my 'power' days.

    This was the bare bones that evolved into the power-hypertrophy training I now recommend. It's funny because I put it together before I did any reading on westside and then when i finally read about westside I was like "oh ****" because the principles were somewhat similar only their focus was powerlifting and mine was bodybuilding. So I've been able to blend them a bit more sense with really good results for both goals.

    Here are pictures to illustrate. One pic is from when I was 20; the next is 22; I started this routine about 1.5 years before the 22 year old pic; I think the difference is obvious.

    Looking great man, I'm actually following that program now on my cut and ill continue to follow it for my nex bulk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Mutaffis View Post
    The best gains that I have ever made were on a periodized 'power building' program...I still believe that for bodybuilding/hypertrophy bodypart splits are absolutely the way to go. I also like them for strength gains when utilized correctly. ...
    Tom I shot you a pm with a few quick questions regarding your experience and specific thoughts on this.
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    Honestly Ive gotten great results from just about any program ive put effort into.

    The only ones ive seen the "worst" results was with HIT and DC. For some reason that type of training is not conducive to my body and fiber make up.

    If I had to choose my top three they would be Westside Conjugate Method (max effort, dynamic effort and repetition method combined), The Bear (basically antagonistic paring super sets done for time) and Max-OT, did this when I was getting ready for college and got real big and strong doing it, it was a 5 day a week routine training in the 4-6 rep range worked well.

    Right now im doing total body work, and im loving it as well, and my new routine that im coming up with now will combine, Westide with 3 day a week total body work, and some Strongman type GPP two days per week so should be fun and yield some great results
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    Quote Originally Posted by Travis Bell View Post
    Has anyone done much with higher volume routines (lots of sets of 15+)?
    I have.

    I have 2 routines to report actually.

    When I was big into bodybuilding I trained 5 days a week, not including some form of high intenseity cardio the other 2 days.

    day1 = chest
    flat bb bench- 4 sets, 12,10,8,6 + 315x12-15 + 225x20-30
    incline bb bench- 4 sets, 8-12
    incline db flyes- 4 sets 8-12
    cable flyes- 3 sets 8-10
    incline HS press- 3 sets 8-10

    day2 = back
    deadlifts- 4 sets, 8,6,4,2
    pullups- 4 sets 10-12
    pulldowns- 3 sets 10-12
    bb rows- 4 sets, 10,8,6,4
    HS rows- 3 sets 10-12
    low back ext- 3 sets 10-12 sometimes GMs instead

    day3 = shoulders
    seated db sh press- 4 sets 12,10,8,6
    seated db arnolds- 4 sets 8-10
    db side raises- 4 sets 8-12
    db or plate front raises- 3 sets 8-10
    reverse cable flyes- 4 sets 8-10
    bb shrugs- 3 sets 10-12
    db shrugs- 3 sets 12-15

    day4 = legs
    squats- 4 sets 10, 8, 6, 4
    fronts quats- 3 sets 6-8
    leg press- 4 sets 8-12
    leg extensions (single or double)- 4 sets 12-15
    lying leg curls or standing single leg curls- 4 sets 12-15
    lots of calf raises

    day5 = arms
    bb curls- 3 sets 8-12
    db curls- 3 sets 8-12
    db hammer curls- 3 sets 8-12
    concentration curls- 3sets 6-10
    HS preacher curls- 3 sets 8-12
    rope pushdowns- 3 sets 12-15
    cgbp- 3 sets 8-12
    skullcrushers- 3 sets 8-12
    one arm overhead extensions- 3 sets 8-12
    weighed dips - 3 sets 8-12


    Now that I'm into powerlifting and strength primarily, I do a westside-ish template with a bit higher volume. I've seen fantastic strength gains doing DE and ME work.. hitting max effort weights weekly I think has helped greatly and the even though I kill myself every workout, the DE workous are awesome for recovery.

    flat bb bench - 10 sets 3
    incline bb bench - 3 sets 10-12
    bodyweight flyes - 3 sets 10-12
    JM press - 3 sets 10-12
    straight bar cable pushdowns - 3 sets 10-12
    face pulls - 2 sets 8-12
    seated db sh press - 3 sets 8-12
    side raises - 3 sets 8-12
    pullups - 3 sets 10-12
    vbar pullups - 3 sets 10-12

    squats/deads variation - 5 sets over 85%, 3-1 reps (same exercise 2 weeks in a row)
    squat/dead variation - 3 sets 5-7 reps
    SLDL - 3 sets 5-7
    GHRs - 3 sets 5-7
    db rows - 3 sets 5-7
    vbar rows - 3 sets 5-7
    db curls - 4 sets 10-15
    shrugs- 4 sets 10-15

    bench movement - 5 sets over 85%, 3-1 reps (same exercise 2 weeks in a row)
    3 board press - 3 sets 5-7
    standing military press - 3 sets 5-7
    pin press lockouts - 3 sets 5-7
    floor press - 3 sets 5-7
    scarecrows- 3 sets 10-12
    pullups - 3 sets 10-12
    vbar pullups - 3 sets 10-12

    box squats - 10 sets 2
    front squats- 3 sets 10-12
    GMs - 3 sets 5-7
    deadlifts - 5 sets 2
    lying leg curls - 3 sets 10-12
    db rows - 3 sets 10-12
    vbar rows - 3 sets 10-12
    shrugs- 4 sets 10-15
    db hammer curls- 4 sets 10-15

    I've tried low volume workouts, 9-12 sets per bodypart per week and it just doesn't work for me. It doesn't give me enough stimulus to see growth or strength increase. As I see it this routine I have now is lacking on the shrugs and bicep work, but I'm going to keep going for now and adlib in some biceps & trap work where I see fit..

    EDIT: I should probably mention the BB program took me from 215lbs @ 13-14% bf all the way up to 275lbs and then I dieted back down to about 250lbs sitting around 13-14% bodyfat when I was at my biggest. Right now I sit at about 280lbs and, aside from my bench, I'm stronger everywhere else and darn near as big as I once was... now if I could just drop down to 240-250, lol..
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    My arms and lats got much beefier after I performed nothing but static contractions while training those parts. Because the soreness last for five days, I trained my lats and arms every seven to eight days, for four months. My arms became so much thicker that I was having trouble finding a comfortable sleeping position. I don't know how common this is but my being a side-sleeper might have contributed to the problem.
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