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Ok, I'm just wondering about intensity then because if I do a true 5x5 across on squats I'm going to struggle to then do 5x5 across on heavy deadlifts. The deadlift is so intense many people now recommend you deadlift heavy fairly infrequently to allow recovery. 1x a week or less. Westside for instance generally approach getting stronger at the deadlift without actually deadlifting much. Although opinion varies. Sgt Rock on this forum goes against this and believes you should pull more frequently to get better at deadlifting.

Also, I'd need to take about three minutes rest between lower-body sets and probably a 5+ rest between my squats and my deads. So for five sets each that would already be quite a long time. And then you've got all that other stuff to do...

I really like the Reg Parks philosophy of working hard on the basic compounds, doing 5x5, so I'm just trying to figure out the bits I'm confused with... the only way I'm seeing this is if it's done at a significantly lower intensity, never to failure. If you're going for hypertrophy then I suppose that could work because all the volume would mean you'd still get enough work and you'd be able to cope with shorter rest times. If you were just trying to increase numbers then I'm sure the weights would get too heavy to keep that kind of thing up.

Thanks for putting it out there. I love seeing the old school methods of people like Reg Parks.
The intensity is high there is no two ways about it. But keep in mind that two of the five sets are actually warm up sets and you do not rest that long between them. You actually have 3 sets that are at full weight and rest time.