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well i did your typical 1 bodypart per day BS and that got me to a decent physique. But the biggest change I ever saw was going to working everything 2x/week. When I first started it the bare bones of it was:

day 1: lower power
day 2: upper power
days 3&4: rest
day 5: lower hypertrophy
day 6: upper hypertrophy
day 7: rest

the first 2 days I'd pick an exercise for each major muscle group and do 3X3 on it. So for example

legs I would do squats 3x3, stiff legged deadlifts 3x3, then I would do leg extension & leg curl like 3 sets of 8 each and do some calf work (5-6 sets)

For upper body I did the same thing except with dumbbell presses and rows. Then I'd do some laterals, curls, and pressdowns for like 3-5 sets of 8-10

For the hypertrophy day, I'd still do my 'power' exercises but it would be like 3 sets of 10 with only like 60% of my normal 10 rep max. Something not very taxing but still allowed me some stimulation and to learn the movement better.

Then I would do the rest of the workout with more reps, less workout and about 50-75% more volume than on my 'power' days.

This was the bare bones that evolved into the power-hypertrophy training I now recommend. It's funny because I put it together before I did any reading on westside and then when i finally read about westside I was like "oh ****" because the principles were somewhat similar only their focus was powerlifting and mine was bodybuilding. So I've been able to blend them a bit more sense with really good results for both goals.

Here are pictures to illustrate. One pic is from when I was 20; the next is 22; I started this routine about 1.5 years before the 22 year old pic; I think the difference is obvious.

Looking great man, I'm actually following that program now on my cut and ill continue to follow it for my nex bulk