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Thread: Push Pull Leg Routine.

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    It looks like you have your routine pretty much figured out. Now, after you heal, just get to it. That's the only way to know how it will work for you. Run it "as-is" for a couple of months, then make changes to it when you see something that may not be working that well. Good luck and I hope the hips feel better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hairyback40k View Post
    Ok, this year you started out doing BGB? and your squat was hovering around 100kgs, yeah? You stuck with that for a few months then started Bill Starr5x5. Roll on several months and you're hovering around a 160kg squat. So you've improved a lot over the past few months, correct?

    So, I take it you're going to go back on the Bill Starr program then after you have recovered?
    Yes - i plan on going back to bill starr once i feel im 100% on my squat with my hips. I will revalute my main lifts once ive done this for a while then put in my numbers to reach my max 5RPM @ wk4 on bill starr, then slowly progress heavier each week sticking to the guidelines...

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    Mystery solved m8. You almost doubled your squat in 8 months without a break- lol a thousand times, no wonder your hips hurt.

    Here you are with legs looking like tree trunks, reaching Mr Universe poundages in only 2 years training asking US how to gain size and strength. Dude, that's like being stood in a desert and asking a scorpion where the ***ing sand is.

    Do you need to strengthen your hips? I dunno you're only squatting half the world. That's sarcasm in case you missed it.

    Now go rest, and get back to some Bill Starr excellence. I'm sure you'll be sound in under a months time. Get a damn vid up of you squatting m8.

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