In 2006 I seperated my AC joint in my shoulder while doings CG BP. I took a break for a year after the injury and started back in March 2007. Ever since then I have been shouldering through all of the pain, learning to tuck my elbows on bench helped me the most. However, here lately I have noticed a significant change in the pain I experience in my right shoulder since lifting heavier than usual. I don't know if I'm getting tendonitis in my shoulder on top of the injury or what but seems like my right arm is always the one that is weaker. As you can see here

Do any of you guys experience this same problem or have you gone through any surgeries to correct shoulder problems. The ortho that I saw in 2006 told me that it was a very common sports injury and advised against surgery. He told me to just take extra time to do warmups and that I would always have pain in the shoulder near the seperation. But seemed to think that I couldn't further injur it by lifting weights.

I cannot do simple things like throw a baseball anymore because the pain is tremendous.

Sorry for the rant, but it ticks me off when I love this sport so much but keep running into shoulder problems when things start going good for me.