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Thread: Mid Day Fatigue

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    Mid Day Fatigue

    Every day at some point during the middle of the day i am hit with an unbelievable amount of random fatigue. It generally hits me sometime between maybe 2 and 4 PM. Sometimes a bit earlier, sometimes later, and it can last for up to 3 hours or so. I really dont know how to explain it besides telling you that everythings normal and outta nowhere BOOM... i can hardly keep myself from just falling on the floor and sleeping. I just get SO tired. Some information that might be helpful:

    I always get between 8 and 9 hours of sleep a night. Go to bed around 11:30, up at 8:30.

    This happens to me everyday, regardless of whether im at work or if its an off day and im wherever.

    Im 21 years old, 5'7/8 180 lbs.

    Normally by mid day rolls around i have eaten 2 smaller, and 1 large meal.

    Usually i go to the gym around 7 at night, and sometimes im just so tired it takes everything i have to get up and go to the gym but once im there and warmed up, im fully awake and ready to go. To be honest though, some days it can get the better of me and i just cant get myself woke up enough =(

    Has anyone else dealt with something like this before? Thanks in advance.
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    Do you drink much coffee in the AM?
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    Do you follow a "set" diet where you eat the same macro's at the same times every day. If so, since you say this happens at about the same time very day it could very well be a bloodsugar issue. I've had the same problem in the past due to a bloodsugar issue and readjusting my diet has corrected the issue for the most part.
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    this happens to me, its a blood sugar/caffiene withdrawal issue, so what do I do? I eat some food and snort some coffee.
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    I don't know why are complaining about miday fati

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    For me it's at night, when I am in school hahaha I am always sleeping in my class and it's damn annoying because I am there but at the same time I am not and chicks next to me ask me, "Hey, what did she say (teacher)? I am like, "Sorry, I wasn't paying attention". I swear that I could fall asleep If I didn't slap myself every 5 minutes. That happens for like the 3 hours the class lasts and it's damn annoying. That happens to me because I don't get enought sleep the day before, work full time, and go straight to class, so no rest. Your body needs rest even if you think you are resting, you are not resting enough man. Go to bed earlier if you can. Don't eat before going to be. Take a shower when you feel "fatigued". That will wake you up. Take a shower before going to bed.
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    What kind of thing do you eat for lunch?
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    Sorry its taken me so long to reply, access to a keyboard to make replies is not always easy for me. but anyway thanks for the responses, ill try to address them now..

    Flynn - Ive never had a cup of coffee in my life.
    Ta2d - I dont have the EXACT same thing each day by that time, but its usually somewhat similar so that could very well be it.
    dynamo - I rarely have caffiene, so i dunno..
    MercuryBlade - ?? lol..
    ryumexicano - imsorry but i dont think its that im not resting enough. i get plenty of sleep and dont live a terribly demanding life.
    CyrusJax - Well it depends, i work at a Quiznos so most days i eat a lot of something from there.

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    I'm not sure what its like where you live but when Fall rolls around there is a lot less sunlight time, and if it's dreary and cloudy there is very little. Seasonal Affective Disorder can occur during these times. Some recommendations are to take a few grams of vitamin D and or a 10000lux light.

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    I take naps pretty regular, its been a BIG help for me!
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    I'm currently having the exact same problem, but it began while I was on Roaccutane and wasn't working out at all. Between 11am and 1pm I just get uncontrollably tired and can't help but sleep through classes at college. Anyone with any info would be much appreciated.

    I drink the odd can of coke and 1 cup of tea some time in the afternoon/evening.
    Solid 7-8 hours sleep which I've always functioned fine on until recently.

    Any advice would be great!

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