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Thread: Squats - I Forgot How to Add

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    Squats - I Forgot How to Add

    Doing SS. Today was heavy squat day. On Monday I did 280 for 3x5 and struggled a bit with form so I scheduled Friday to continue with 280 3x5. Wednesday's are light Squat day for me.

    After my 1st set I was pissed. It shouldn't be this hard to do 5 reps. Jeez, I ate like a pig and got mucho rest - WTF. Oh well, the second set was brutal as well. Man I just don't get it?? Sitting there resting I noticed the bar had an extra 5 on each side - DOH!! Christ I was squatting 290!!! I'm not supposed to hit that mark for at least another whole week. The last set I only got 4 reps.

    Goes to show that mind over matter is a real thing. If I hadn't have seen the extra 5's I maybe could have gotten that last rep. The human body never ceases to amaze me when it comes to lifting. I'm friggin old too.

    Keep Pushin and Pullin.....

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    Nice! It really is your mind that determines if you get to move the weight or not. The body has to listen if the message is clear enough
    -deltoids anonomous

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    I love stories like these, great lifting man
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