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Thread: Questions on Cutting

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    Questions on Cutting

    im gonna go on a cut pretty soon. the nutritional part is simple, cut out crap foods, eat below maintenance, yadayda but my question is about the amount of volume i should be doing.

    i can't remember where i read it (someones post) but i remember seeing something about how you should lift heavy with lower volume in order to maintain the max amount of muscle during a cut.

    im gonna be doing HCT-12, in which i normally do 3-4 (maybe 5 on the occasion) working sets per exercise, not including clusters. so by this logic, should i still be working up to my max (im aware that my max will prolly decrease during a cut) but with, say, 2 sets per exercise?

    also, im not sure what my BF% is (theres jiggle and some love handles, but im not fat), but i wanna trim down by the maybe june (im not concerned about a 6pack or anything, just wanna trim down, maybe 10-15lbs. what would be a decent time range for me to complete this goal?

    sorry for the noobish questions lol, i know ive been here for a bit but this is my first "serious" cut and i wanna make sure i hold on to as much of what ive worked hard for as i can. any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks guys
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    The weight on the bar is going to have a major effect on maintaining/building muscle as will volume. During a cut, people recommend cutting the volume and keeping the intensity high because volume and cutting dont mix well.

    So if your normal HCT-12 workout for bench looks like this

    225x6 work set
    235x6 work set
    245x6 work set
    255x6 work set "max"
    255x 2,2,2

    Im not saying that is how it looks or how it should look, but just hypothetically since you said you use a lot of work sets. So there you have like 4-5 "work sets"

    On a cut the goal would be to try to use at least 255lbs for your top work set. You may be able to increase that weight, or over time it may go down a bit. But that top set is whats going to matter the most. So it might look like:

    255x6 [if you think you can go up, go for another work set.... Otherwise do 2,2,2]

    Maintaining the ability to move that amount of weight will maintain muscle fairly well. And the possibility of moving up to a higher weight may even build some muscle.

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    I agree with Dan and that is how i am doing it. I used to do 4-5 sets of 6 reps before the final work set, i now go for a triple on the last set before going for the work set.

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    I would not change anything off the bat.
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