I have a little problem. I have really big front deltoids, but really small rear deltoids.

Right now, I'm doing barbell shoulder presses. I was wondering if I should stop doing them and maybe just do a different shoulder exercise? One that maybe works less the front delts and more the middle or rear delts? I have been doing rear delt extension things on the chest fly machine every time I go to the gym, so maybe it will just take time to even out? Also, I carry my shoulders forward alot...

I don't have a specific day for shoulders right now. I'm just trying to get bigger so I'm trying to keep my exercises mainly to compound ones. Here's what my workout looks like:

- Barbell Rows
- Machine Rows
- Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown
- Barbell Shrugs

- Squats
- Deadlifts
- Dumbbell Lunges
- Leg Curls

- Dumbbell Press
- Incline Bench Press
- Flyes
- Barbell Shoulder Press

So what should I do?