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    a man without a tommorrow

    simply as the title's my recent sessions...

    **nuthin to say about bench was was !@#$. couldn't touch weight in this bastard of a shirt. will try again next week. movin on..

    135x3 225x3 315x1 405x1 495x1
    585x1 695x1
    w/briefs and hardcore suit w/o knee wraps
    800x2 800x2

    ***!@#$in felt awesome to move some real weight like its my bitch. 800 felt lite and without knee wraps too. i usually go without knee wraps until i'm close to a meet cause i know i will bury depth with them. i go about 2 inches above parallel but these were reps. no worries there. on a side note, my partners(both 242s) were !@#$in comparing their backs and traps last nite. this !@#$ was funny to see. on has traps and the other has shoulders. so you can easily see who won out on this one. though there was said flexing going on but hard to see on camera. nice competitive spirt these two have and nice to have at a barbell club. would be nice for me to go head to head with another super in training....but !@#$ is what it is...

    raw bench/shoulders/triceps

    raw bench
    135x5 225x3 315x3
    reverse band bench(lights+minis)
    495x5 585x5 675x5 765x3** 675x5
    reverse band bench(with minis)
    405x10 500x5 500x3

    ICG press
    225x10 275x10 315x10
    bwx20 bwx20 bwx20 bwx20
    170x10 170x10 170x10 170x10

    side laterals
    65x10 120x5 120x5 80x6
    front laterals
    45x6 45x6 45x6


    ***tonite i just had to get some weight in my !@#$in hands cause with all the benchin issues as of late, i was about to go insane. did some reverse bands and worked up to a PR of 765 for 3(at the bottom was 565). the weight didn't feel heavy to my surprise. maybe it was the pslin, powerfull, and perfect carb i was on before i lifted. then a !@#$in hairy human being that called himself a lifter came up to me and told me i was using too much weight on the bar and can't do that. i think i was about to snap his ass in two. no !@#$in wonder people in this city have low !@#$in standards and prefer to be normal. my god! sorry. well i had to back the weight down for a set of 675 for 5 and then took off the lights and used just the minis and did 405 for 12, 500 for 5 and 500 for 3. somewhere in there i kindly asked a skinny douchebag to help me hold the bar in place. i might as well be speakin a different !@#$in language cause he didn't understand and he said he was with a "client". i so wanted to break his ass as well! anyways, i did some ICG presses which is a combination of jm press/close-grip bench. this was awesome. not many movements can pre-exhaust my strong-ass triceps. awesome !@#$. moved onto dips and pushdowns and shoulders and was done. did 120s for 2 sets of 5. i think i might have scared a few people when i did those. oh well, tommorrow is dead day...oh and i almost forgot...when i did the 765 i was goin for the 4th rep when the plates fell off. awesome !@#$!

    terrorizing the gym...

    ***me bench was yet another crap session. still waitin on the phenom but changing shirts since i can't get any support from this shirt i'm using at the most crucial part of the lift. nuthin else to report.

    raw squats
    135x5 225x3 315x3 405x3 495x1
    briefs only
    605x1 695x1 745x1 745x1 745x1

    reverse hypers
    ***tonite its obvious that by modifying my squat stance weeks ago, its now made my squats a ton stronger. i've never worked up to 495 raw and 745 for 3 singles was no prob. all were below parallel which was the goal.

    onward to bench accy day,
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