I tried to run a search on IF but couldn't find anything worthwhile. This one goes out to the experienced nutritionist/dieters..

I know there are some toss-ups as to the benefit of IF. One of the best benefits is the increase in insulin sensitivity.

We all hate dieting. I'm carb cycling right now and seem to be doing a pretty good job at maintaining my weight because I keep ****ing everything up on the weekends, lol.

I was at a triad group with some of the guys from my church last night and they were talking about fasting. Well, I mentally drifted off the subject and started thinking about IF and the success I had with it last year.. I also remember reading over BR a different approach to IF as to recomp or bulk.... and yes, I frequently daydream off about my training and diet while in mid-conversation with people, haha..

So I'm thinking about utilizing intermittent fasting for my recomp/cut. I'm currently 280lbs and I'd like to get down to 250-255ish by january/february and ultimately down to 242 by june. These are actually very simple goals and I could probably get down to 242 by february, but at what expense, muscle loss.. So, the problem is I still want to get stronger in the mean time. I'm thinking with the way I have this set-up, it is a strong possibility and I can get the best of both worlds, drop in bodyfat and increase in strength.

I'm going to be training on saturday and sunday's, then again on tuesdays and thursdays. This would make an almost ideal setup for IF as Lyle advised to set it up (without the full body workouts, though).

Right now I'm doing 3700 cals on training days and about 2900 cals on off days. So, saturday and sunday would be 3700 cals each and would be a "normal" day. This would be good because the higher carbs on the weekedn allows me to get a little sloppy without going over total macros&cals. Monday is an off day and would therefore also be a "normal" eat day at about 2600-2700 cals. I would stop eating around 9-10p as I normally would. Tuesday I might do some light cardio in the morning with some caffeine, but no calories would be consumed prior to approx 530-6pm which is when I would have my pre-workout shake (normally is about 70/75/0 p/c/f). I would train, then come home, have my post-workout shake and then proceed to consume 3700-3900 cals (including the pre and post workout shakes) until the following day at approx 8-9pm (which is now wednesday). Thursday is another training day so I would approach this the same day as tuesday, IF until 530-6p then pre workout shake, training, post workout shake then cals until friday evening at 8-9pm.

So, here's how it would look.

Saturday - 3700cals
Sunday - 3700cals (training at 6a), stop eating at 10p
Monday - 2200cals (keto-ish 225p/100c/100f) between 6-10p
Tuesday/Wednesday - 3700-3900cals between 6p tuesday and 9p wednesday including shakes
Thursday/Friday - 3700-3900cals between 6p thursday and 9p saturday

I will probably bump protein to 350-400g between the 26-28hours of food consumption before the IF as I typically have 325g in a 24 hour period. The point of consuming the majority of calories the day after the fast is for training recovery.

If I calculate a weekly calorie intake it would look like this:


compared to a typical week for me

That results in a 6,100 calorie deficit from where I currently am (which is approximately maintenance, maybe a tidbit below).

So, I'm factoring in for recovery, I'm loading up a big shake pre-workout for energy. It should help my insulin sensitivity and nutrient partioning. It's only fasting for 3 days per week with the utilization of sleep, Not eating until 6pm will be pretty easy and 3 of the days per week are pretty high calories. 1 day is lower cals but it's 2200 cals in a 3-4 hour window so I can stuff myself pretty good.

By eating over maintenance during training recovery combined with 18-22hrs of IF, I'm thinking this should allow me to cut weight slowly without affecting my training.

What are your thoughts about this? Do you think there will be a LBM sacrifice? Strength hinderance? What problems do you see? What benefits do you see?

I'm looking to start this on 10/19 but regardless, I'm curious as to the other nutrition guru's input.

Now discuss!!

ps, no I have not done any recent research on IF. I'm just going by memory of when I read through the multi-page threads at BR last year.