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So are there any tricks to getting through the first week of fasting? Coffee? Flavored water?
Tapering down is really the best way to go. Slowly start to concentrate your intake and drink plenty of water. Decide what your feed window is going to be and cut down by an hour or so every day until you reach where you want to be. I also found that a bunch of home brewed green tea helped quite a bit. I'd go through about half a gallon per day.

As for your question about the better method, I've had good luck with thinking about it in 24 hour periods as opposed to 48 hour periods like Jake is. I'll usually concentrate my intake between 6p-9p (sometimes 10p) but I've been doing it long enough that altering the schedule doesn't leave me feeling like hell. It's also easy to take a day off for a special event or something and then jump back into it.

You really won't know what'll work better until you try it. Both have their benefits and both work well, as long as you do them right.

On Nov 1, I'm going to start an IF-PSMF using the 3 hour window and run it to Thanksgiving just because I don't hate my life quite enough as it is.