How do you recomend going about rehab....non workout related.

Ok, so been lifting HARD for a good month or so......Squat 2x's a week, Bench 2x's a week, plus deadlift. I think it has finally taken the toll on my lower back/hip.

Last night deadlifting i noticed my lower back hip area getting tight/sore. It had nothing to do with bad form. The pain is basically between my spine & hip bone and right about where my belt line is. so middle butt check near top. Fortunatly not my "Back" per say.

I think i started wearing it down last week after deadlift w/ good mornings, then close stance squat on Tuesday and yesterday during my deadlift routine of 6 stes of 5 w/ said

So i iced after workout for 20 mins. Then a massage (fiance) & hot tub for 15 mins about 2 hrs after icing, and then iced again before bed. Also 3 ibuprofen at bed.

It seemed a bit swolen & sore this morning & iced again. Also took some ibuprofen.

Does icing 2-3times a day for 20 mins, & Ibuprofen 4 times a day, rest & light streching sound ideal & massage every night sound ideal?

Any other ideas or input? heat? icy hot?

Thanks for any ideas