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Thread: Working core better

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    Working core better

    I really hate doing any type of core assist work. but I can tell when it comes to my squat not having my core up to par is really effecting my squat. My legs feel good on heavy squats and my back is my strongest part of me right now but when I come out of the hole in my squats my abs shake and feel like they are holding me back (if this makes sense). I was doing decline sit ups with 20lbs behind my head but I just can not seem to stick with it. I was wondering what you guys find that really help in this department. I don't care about a six pack or crap like that I just want a strong core that will help better support a heavier squat.
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    i love the wheel of death! you feel kinda like a panzy doing it on yer knees but when you move up to standing it's amazing, the hurt is sooo good too!

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    I like doing these(of course not all in the same workout)

    Seated Crunch Machine
    Standing Cable Crunches
    Standing Side Cable Crunches
    Side Bends(DB's or Cable)
    Rotary Torso Machine
    Nautilus Lower Back Machine
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    Yeah, I like to do 2 ab movements per lower session. Abs makes squatting much easier, you're able to stay a lot tighter. I take 2 core movements and do them until I get good at them, then switch to something else:

    Hangman abs with a band...self explanatory
    Standing pulldown abs with a cable
    Seated pulldown abs with a cable
    Spread eagle sit ups with weight
    Decline sit ups with weight
    Sit ups on a yoga ball...these are super hard
    Roman chair sit ups on a GHR
    Grappler twists
    Side bends
    Pulldown abs with a short bar held in front of you (like you're about to do a pushdown...this is what Lou does for abs)

    I'm sure there are more, but those are the main ones I use. If you throw 2 on those in at the end of every lower session, I guarantee you'll tell a difference in your squat and deadlift.
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    wheres the love for wheel of death?!?!?!? by far the hardest thing for core i've ever done (doing it standing) makes dragonflags feel easy.

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