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Thread: Overtraining/Enough Work?

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    Overtraining/Enough Work?

    I am about to begin Madcow's version of the 5x5 routine, but im worried that I may be overworking specific muscles, but during a workout not doing enough. I was also wondering if the lifts were separated if a good way. The workout looks as followed.....

    Monday (few sets of hypers and sit ups as well)
    Bench 5x5
    Squat 5x5
    BO Row 5x5

    Wednesday (sit ups as well)
    Squat 4x5
    Incline Bench 4x5
    Deadlift 4x5

    Friday (3 sets of dips, curls, and tri ext.)
    Squat 4x5, 1x3, 1x8
    Bench 4x5, 1x3, 1x8
    BO Row 4x5, 1x3, 1x8

    I'm mostly confused about having squat three times a week and a bench three times a week. Just wondering if the set up is suitable.

    Age: 20
    BW: 165lbs
    Bench: 235
    Squat: ??
    Deadlift: ??

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    The question is: Have you progressed through SS and/or Texas Method? Those two routines are the proper setup for going into Madcow. The explanation is in varying loading patterns to prepare for a max effort at the end of the week. Wednesday, for example, is the lightest day of the week, used as recovery in preparation for a PR push on Friday. If you are concerned about recovery you could probably do a WS style DE effort @ something like 10x2 @ 50% but it does take some acclimating for these types of routines. Id additionally suggest buying Starting Strength and Practical Programming by Mark Rippetoe.
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