I re-ordered from At Large too late and ran out of protein, so I stopped at a local supplement shop on the way home from work. The kid behind the counter was selling all these "supps" to a medium sized guy that wanted to get "big and strong".

They were discussing how to take the supps and how to lift to get big and strong. They turned to me and asked what my goals were. I mentioned that I'm concentrating on strength and size will follow. The guy buying the supps asked me about getting big and strong and how I've done it, especially since "you're a bit older" (thanks for the reminder!). I told them the only "supplements" I take are a daily multiple, an extra 500 mg of vitamin C and a couple of fish oil caps each day. He commented that I should be taking all the crap he's buying. I told him that's fine and dandy if you want to spend that extra, hard-earned cash, but I'd bet him that if he trained with me and ate like I did, he wouldn't need all to spend the dough.

"Well, I'm in my low 30's and you can't put on much size after that," is what he said next. I was a bit shocked and let them know that I'd put on nearly all of my size after the age of 40 by eating and lifting heavy without any supps.

He didn't believe me and ended up spending over $400. To each his own, but he, like most, want a quick fix and don't want to put in the time and effort to eat and train hard. I'm sure he'll be back in there in a few months buying the same stuff and being the same size.