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    I heard about creatine, what exactly is it? and does it make you stronger permanantley?

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    Creatine, so far that I know, basically helps your muscles after a work out, rebuild and replenish. I could be wrong, but that is what I have got from my search of it. I get Creatine from my Whey Shakes.

    Here are some sources for what Creatine is:

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    No, the actual lifting of the weights is what makes you stronger, creatine is simply a completely legal supplement found naturally in all types of meats. It stores energy in your muscles to give theme an extra boost during and after your workout. If you are looking in to taking it, be sure and drink alot of water or you will get some major headaches.

    Im not saying its extracted from meat, just that its natural and cannot be banned from any sport. Unless, of course its a veggetarian type sport then you might encounter problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodyguard View Post
    Unless, of course its a veggetarian type sport then you might encounter problems.
    What do you mean by that? Just wondering cause I just started on creatine, and Im also a vegetarian. So far I have had no bad side effects. Do Vegetarians normally have problems with it?
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