We just published a new article - Kettlebells for the Uninitiated

Mike Scialabba is a new writer for Wannabebig and one that you'll be seeing again in the future for sure. He is an impressive 'in the trenches' type coach who owns the Missoula Underground Strength Training Center.

We hope you guys enjoy this one and please let us know what you think here!

Also if you have any questions about the article, Mike will be about to answer them.

Here is the intro to the article:

If you’ve been busting your ass with barbells and dumbbells for the past few years and are looking for something new to help add slabs of muscle to your body and improve your overall conditioning, it may be time to add something new to your training tool box.

Sure, it’s a little funny-looking, but let us assure you that training with the kettlebell is no laughing matter.

Get ready to learn how to perform some basic and effective kettlebell movements aswell as how to easily integrate them into your routine!

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