Hey everybody!
Iím a raw lifter with the SPF. Iím just coming back to lifting full-time after a couple months off after tearing a muscle in my back (spinal erector) at the last meet I competed in. I just joined a new team last week with Terry Burgin, Sam Byrd, and Tony Lucas. Since Iím basically starting over and weak as hell now, my training right now is just getting my form perfected and making sure my back is healed before I start lifting heavy again.

Trained with Terryís team for the first time. They are a really intense groupÖitís just what I need.

Foam box squats: working on form

Speed deadlifts: 50% of 1RM
185/ 6 sets of 1

Reverse hypers: short strap
90/5 **this is where it got ugly. My back started having spasms really bad at the injury area. Took a minute and started again.
90/5 **again spasms. Took another break and moved onto the next exercise.

Standing abs: purple band
3 sets of 10 ** back felt ok

Banded rotary torso: purple bands
10 each side** spams came back

Seated banded hamstrings: purple bands
3 sets of 15
**after the last set, the pain got worse, and then the nausea kicked inÖpuked, then got on the inversion table for a few minutes. That inversion table was a life saver. As soon as I was able to completely relax and hang, all the pain in my back went away.