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Thread: Working night shift, 4- 10's anyone else trying to swing it?!?

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    Working night shift, 4- 10's anyone else trying to swing it?!?

    Wasn't always like this.. I was progressing very well as a lifter until this job started up, I'm finding it very tough to be near 100% any time after work or right before work to train. My usual schedule I go in at 9pm 20min drive, I get done at 7:30am. I aim for about 8-8:30 hrs sleep as my job is pretty physical running around etc. When I get my 3 days off I kill it at the gym working out at 10pm to 11 but I'm not seeing the gains that I used to see when working out 5 of the 7 days a wk during the day. It just feels near impossible to squeeze it in during the week. Anyone have suggestions?

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    How long have you been working night shift? It usually takes some time for your body to adapt to a new schedule, especially something that drastically changes your sleep patterns.

    There was a few year period where I worked about 50-60 hours/week during the day and then about 15 hours/week night shift (three nights), and it took some time for me to adjust and figure out my training.

    What I ended up doing was training 3 days/week in the gym most weeks and then doing an intense strongman workout on the weekend (typically 3-4 hours). I scheduled in a 'hibernation' day on Sunday where I would basically just hang out at home and eat/sleep all day to keep myself caught up on nutrition and sleep. For the training split I did Upper Body Pulling (Back), Upper Body Pressing (Chest/Shoulder/Triceps) and Lower Body (alternating between Squats, Deadlifts, Cleans, and variations - doing one of those movements each week and then accessory work). It might be helpful for you to map out some less intense workouts for the days you are working (maybe train two out of the four days) and then two really intense workouts for the days you are not working.
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    For the last 5yrs I've worked 10hrs shifts. We work 8 days straight with 6 days off at the end. Every 14 day mico rotation we rotate from days to nights. Every two weeks switching back. Your body never quite gets used to any kind of sleep pattern. What I've done, that works for me, is to only allow myself about 4-5hrs of sleep on the night shift rotation. I'll come home, sleep for a few hours and then get up. From there I take in a healthy dose of caffeine and get in the gym. After the gym I take a large dose of Vitamin C and Magnesium and lay back down for approx 2hrs of additional sleep. It is not the best as far as health, but it allows for fairly steady gym sessions.

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    Is it impossible to add a few workouts in during the week just to kick start gains back up? Have you considered getting a few pieces of gym equipment/weights to add in your garage at home, that way you could get workouts in here and there w.out having to travel to the gym?

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    I work from 2 am to 10:30 am, 5 days a week, and most days are around 10 hours. I changed up my lifting schedule so I'm hitting my two main heavy workouts on the days I don't work, and I leave the secondary/accessory days for after work. Depending when I get out of work I try to take a quick 30 minute nap before going into the gym.

    You can easily squeeze in an hour workout once or twice during the week with a 10 hour work day, it may just take some creativity with your workout schedule.
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