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Thread: Equipped Deadlift Help (vid)

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    Equipped Deadlift Help (vid)

    Here's a video from my last suited deadlift day. I was wondering if anyone had any advice or tips to help my lockout. My speed off the floor is great but my lockout is a whole other story. Complete opposites. I was wondering if it could be my form that's causing it or if I'm just that weak up top. Any advice will be appreciated.


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    It doesn't look like you are getting any arch in your back and your shoulders are rolled forward when you set up and start to pull. When you get to the top with a heavy weight it gets tough to straighten your back out because you are in a poor position. With the sumo DL you have get an arch and get your chest up before you start to pull. You with have to change the way you set up to get in the proper position with the suit on.
    At the top get your air and push your hips back (think of a sumo RDL). Then reach down and grab the bar with one hand then the other. From here pull yourself down and arch, chest up, drop your hips, and then pull. You will have to do this relatively quickly or you will run out of air. Practice the set up with the straps down until you get used to it, then work on doing it with the straps up.

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    Thanks alot man. That makes alot of sense. I'll practice this from here on out.

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    Yeah, you aren't arched

    I'd say get your setup perfect, and do glute, hip, and back work
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    Sam, great work none the less. I hope to join you guys over there in Jersey for a session or two DLing. See you soon at Rocks.
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    Agree with the arching comments (although I have great trouble doing it myself). Another huge item IMO is that you don't get all of your leg drive finished before starting to lockout. You almost "ride" the bar up your thighs like a strongman hitch. Try to get ALL your leg push done to "snap" your knees locked before trying to lockout. If you don't, you end up pinning the bar against your thighs, creating an extra resistance to overcome. Doing this maximizes your speed to the lockout and limits any extra resistance.
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    I'm going to suggest hoss pulls to bring up your lockout strength. Quadrupled mini bands rack pull from about mid shin. Try these for 3-4 weeks, then go and pull from the floor and hopefully you'll have awesome carry over and hit 650.
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