I used to maintain a journal here and I let it fall to the wayside. Ive done one full USAPL meet where I totaled 909 as a 220 and left a lot on the platform, one unsanctioned bench meet, 245 as a 242. Now I weigh about 208 and slowly dropping the fat. I have a USAPL meet in 4 weeks with the goals of 425 squat, 250 bench, 445 deadlift, 1120 total. Then 4 weeks later an unsanctioned push/pull meet that I will be gearing up for.

DE Upper
9x3 DE Bench 115/125 + doubled minis
3x10 Close Grip Floor Press 145
1x9 Close Grip Floor Press 155
A1 4x10 JM Press 85
A2 4x10 Tricep Pushdowns 45
1x25 Overhead Press 25 (plates instead of DBs)
1x100 Tricep Extensions 10 pound ankle weights

Warmup-1x20 light band rows, 1x20 light band presses, 1x20 shoulder dislocates, 1x10 External Rotations elbow high/low, 1x20 tricep pushdowns mini band

115 for the first 6 sets, 125 for the last 3. Grips were index finger against smooth, thumb from smooth and pinky on the ring. Im stopping the DE bench with index finger on the ring cause I never go this wide on ME work. My set of 9 floor presses was supposed to be 10. Extensions were done with 2 very short rest periods.

28 days till meet.