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    Bench shirts

    This one is for the powerlifters out there, I am thinking about competing in both a powerlifting comp and a bench blast competition later this year. I was told that in order to be competitive I would have to buy a good bench shirt, My friend recommend double ply denim, but I hear most orgs don't allow them. I was thinking about getting a basic cheap inzer poly to start out with, or should I get something more expensive? Also my friend had his shirt fitted on him personly by the maker, he said to get the maximum gains from your shirt it should fit you perfectly, but I don't want to travel that far, so I will just order through the internet. If someone could post a link that explains shirts and how they work and sites that sell them it would be appreciated. I would also like to know what type of shirts competitiors like Adam, Latty, wear in comp. thanks

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    Thats cool that your going in a comp!
    Me and latty both use the Inzer EHPHD blast shirt, its a single ply poly and is legal in almost every federation. You can buy one from
    The double ply denims will give you alot more boost off the chest but its not a steady push like the polys give, denims are not aloud in all the feds either.
    FOr a first shirt i would recommend the inzer ehphd shirt because it isn't too expensive and it will last awhile. From what i heard there standard cheap blast shirts will only last for a couple uses then there useless.
    For a first shirt just go by what the site or people working tell you to get, you can have it custom alteered after you use it anyway. Any more Q's let me know
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