Hi! In the light of viewing my old journal, I have decided to remove it and create a new one. There were some recordings in there of a pretty dark time of my life, and some of the things I did during that time were quite dumb. But I digress.

My name is Cliff, I'm a Butcher of the best part of 10 years. I'm slowly moving into the field of highly specialised personal training, with a view to move into strength and conditioning. I will be obtaining the IASS certification within the next 6 months or so depending on time I can dedicate to it. Another side project of mine has been "DARK Intentions", an Iron-Wear and Sports Clothing line for the larger, stronger and aggressive - I'm hoping to launch globally by late 2011.

My training goals are to total 2204lbs in any weight class, I am a very long way away. As I stand my total @ 220lbs is 1012. I train at the Muscle Pit in Perth with current national masters champions/record holders Stephan Ramsay and Henry Day. I train with the Westside Barbell template based upon the conjugated periodization approach.

Thanks for coming along, and I hope you enjoy some of the things that I attempt to accomplish!