Sorry journal, been neglecting you. Its been hard trying to remember these workouts, I've been VERY ****ing ill. I've got some funky cellulitis going on at the moment in both legs that I've just been told is a kind of a huge deal by my Doc. I may be in hospital tomorrow. ****.

Anyway, some lifts as I remember them

Straight bar 4 chains per side I think I did 360? Low box
Giant Cambered Bar 440 x 1 Briefs medium box
SSB 440 x 1 straps down. Missed on first attempt off box, medium box Good for more. Straps down
Thats all can remember for lower

Minis 200lbs x 1
monster minis + 2 board 220lbs x 1
2 Chains per side + 200 x 2

Still using the Metal X-type after taking 308 to the belly in the Mystical bash, I may try one of George's Super Katana's tonight but I don't want to **** with anything TOO much before Nationals. Still not decided if I should use briefs and suit or just suit for nationals. Suit only will net me 500lbs with the straps up, but I still havn't gotten to depth with the brief/suit combo. I will see.

Benching tonight, shirted benching after about 3 weeks! Wooo!