well i haven't posted much on here but since i should probly put up an online log i figured this was the place to do it. my name is travis haessly i was born in 1988 in stevens point wisconsin, since a young age i've loved training i was very active...and very hyper active, i mean what kind of kid likes pushups during recess???? the future powerlifter type. at first i just wanted to be as strong as my father but soon after grasping that iron bar in my hand i knew there were no limits.. especially when the gains started. when i first started training august 3 years ago i was a slightly above average 150lbl guy, and now through proper training, rest, eating, and lifestyle restrictions (no drugs or drinking for me) i'm a 210 lbl guy at about 10% bodyfat and around 5'9 for height. i have done one competition which was for my buddy gary who was running a fundraiser for an area junior highschool. it was a pushpull but i decided to just pull since i'm not fond of pushing . in the meet i had a smokeshow 650 pull and missed 705 twice first time lost balance at the top it was an inch from lockout. second i couldn't even budge it. these were done at 192 lbls, did i mention i'm also 100% drug free? i figure i should post some of my old log from my notebook so i'll start a few months back.