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Thread: Grad school routine

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    Grad school routine

    Hi - I'm a grad student (plus work full time) so I don't have much time in the week to commit to working out - at the most 4 hours.

    I'd like to get in shape for my wedding next June.

    I want to gain muscle on my chest, shoulders, arms and back (mostly focused on chest though), and I'd also like to lose fat from my mid-section.

    At my disposal I have a power cage, a set of dumbells and p90x dvds.

    Can you suggest a 3 or 4-day workout routine?


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    Do you have an olympic bar and weights to accompany the power cage? I recommend to read the stickies posted above and I personally suggest looking up Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength. Hope that helps!

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    Yes - I have the olympic bar and a full set of weight plates

    Thanks for the suggestion

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    Yep, do Starting Strength and read the stickies in the diet section.

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    1.) Use the stickies to find a good routine like Starting Strength.

    2.) Use the rack to do exercises like Squats and Bench Press.

    3.) Use the p90X to prop up the wobbley coffee table.

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