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Thread: Did I just squat? with no hands!

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    Did I just squat? with no hands!

    Was doing some squats and on the last rep I swear to god I didn't hold onto the bar with my hands. As I was coming up I got stuck, probably around the parallel point. Took about a full 2 second to push my way up. As I was pushing upwards my hands kinda fell behind(probably cause I was so focused on driving up with my legs).

    Not 100% if this happened. After I finished the rep I was like "WTF! no hands???"

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    Smith machine? You don't need to use your hands on smith squats.....but barbell squats?
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    It would take some impressive control and balance to be able to squat without holding onto the bar, but would do nothing for strength or development (other than the fact that your time under tension might be increase).

    You should try to learn how to lock your body in under the bar. Once you get to a certain point it will be dangerous and ineffective if you are not able to stabilize the barbell with your arms.
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    Ive never heard of doing it on a back squat, but I can do it on a front squat but not very heavy.
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    When I was bored in the gym once I walked out and squatted 95 lbs atf with no hands touching the bar at all. It's stupid and pointless and I could never do it with a decent weight, but I was bored like I said.

    Typically when your hands leave the bar at any point during a squat, bad things are about to happen.
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    I've seen a guy do this at our gym... He manages it because the bar rides so high up on his neck that he can sort of support it in the crook of his neck as it comes up, his hands driving against his legs.
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    I'm guessing it's a smith machine.
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