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Thread: Warmups?

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    Hey guys, doing SS wondering what should I be doing for some typical warmups?

    Right now Im just doing some stretches.
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    Well there is several options here. A lot of people do the conventional couple minutes on a bike or treadmill than some static stretching to warmup. I can't give you any examples, but it seems a lot of newer research shows that static stretching right before lifting can cause some loss of strength. Some people are moving on to the newer dynamic stretching and mobility drills which are supposed to be better. If you do a decent regimen of dynamic warmups, they are supposed to warm up the muscles as well as get them stretched at the same time. A lot of people have recommended Magnificent Mobility DVD as one of the better lists of drills to pick from. You really can just google/youtube some videos on mobility drills though. Look for a few that target the hips, a few that target the upper/lower back, and a few that target the shoulders/calves and you should be ready to roll.
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