Who all in here are Raw competitors?

Im looking into doing a competition next year, in the raw division, just belt and knee wraps, and i want to compete in the 220s.

How did you guys get started?

What training did you guys use?

Any Advice?

Right now im doing a modified westside protocol in 3 full body workouts on monday(ME DL, DE SQ, RE BP) wednesday(ME BP, RE SQ DL) friday(ME SQ BP DE DL DE), and two days tuesday and thursday of GPP/Strongman training, mainly Tire flipping sledge hammer swinging and truck pushing. I plan on doing this and tweaking my diet till im under 220 and ready to compete and ill be looking to do a competition.

What do Raw competitors focus on that Suited lifters dont?

or is it basically the same type of training.??

Hopefully soon Ill be in a guy surrounded with powerlifters to learn more about the sport in general, but right now im just looking for anything i can use to improve my own routine.

Right now im liking what i have and im getting steady gains on it, im still tweaking a few things on it and perfecting it.