I thought I would start a traing log on this site in case I do the online competition next month. I have signed up to do it but not sure about my squats at this time. I'm 45 years old and weigh around 205-210 most of the time. I have been powerlifting for almost 20 years.

Monday 10-19-2009, Bench Press, no spotter

135 x 10 x 2
225 x 3 x 2 all paused
275 x 3 all paused
315 x 1 paused
330 x 1 paused
335 x 1 paused
315 x 3 all paused
275 x 8 all paused

Monday 10-19-2009, Smith machine squats

135 x 10 x 2
225 x 8
315 x 8
365 x 8 with belt
405 x 6 with belt

Ok, you are wondering why I am squatting in a smith machine, right? The squat rack at the gym is to narrow to get my standard hand grip on the rings and it kills my shoulder. My right shoulder has a 4mm tear on my rotator cuff and a bad AC joint. I hope I can overcome this for the competition next month.