So how about it guys? Are you able to keep motivated, move through your workout and continue to push yourself to new levels training by yourself?

Or do you succeed better when you have good training partners around you who have similar goals and drive?

I've done both, and honestly, made really good gains doing both.

Right now I am somewhere in the middle. About half my time is spent training myself because my schedule is really hectic, I have a hard time being able to commit to a time, the other half, I train down at Westside and also have a super good group up here at my gym.

I must say, on the days that I train with a group, I really do train much harder and longer. I do enjoy the comraderie that we have and the encouragement and often times rivals that come up. Really keeps me going

However I've also had training partners in the past who became a real hinderance to my training.

So what works best for you guys? How have you made either style work best for you?