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Thread: Fixing back?

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    Fixing back?

    Im afraid that Im experiancing a small back problem. Today when I changed a tire on the car, it was aching like crazy. I had to rest a couple times. Im not sure if its from deadlifting yesterday or what but it is annoying. It doesnt hurt when I stand up or anything, but if I bend over alot, or after some deadlifts it sucks. Would hyper extensions, deadlifts, and some stretching make the lowerback area stronger therefore lower my back pain in the future?
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    It might just be from the deads, I get the same pain after deadlift day, and it only hurts the days after not the actual day you lift.
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    I'd do some stretching and see how it goes. After a hard dl day, if some one has me look at their computer (I'm an IT pro), I have to lean on their desk and support myself cause my low back is sore.
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